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"You can't buy happiness, but you can BBQ, and that's the same kind of thing"

 M. Timothy Bucolo


Tim's love for cooking and food go back to his childhood. Coming from a big Italian family he was fortunate to see how food was such a large part of his family's culture and identity. Barbecue came into Tim's life when he spent part of his childhood living in North Carolina. He was later re-introduced to it by his brother Patrick who had lived there for many years. Together they started a competition BBQ team. In 2011, Tim learned the foundations of barbecue from World Champion Pitmaster Myron Mixon and also became a certified judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Since then, Tim has won multiple awards in both BBQ and grilling. Barbecue has become Tim's true passion, and he hopes to share it with the world.

"Food is art for me, a blank canvas where I can imagine, create, learn and share. I pride myself on cooking some of the best BBQ I can, constantly trying to create and incorporate something new and fresh into a cusine that is shackled by tradition" -T. Bucolo

Juan F. Rendon

Head Cook

Juan is a first generation American with both of his parents coming from Colombia. As a kid, Juan was always around food.  He spent many days at the family restaurant watching his father cook, and while at home he got to enjoy the works of his mother who constantly prepared her latin specialties.  Juan's passion for cooking developed when he was able to get hands on experience in the kitchen at his father's restaurant. His eagerness to learn and impress his father drove him to immerse himself in both food from his culture and modern day American cuisine. He has learned a lot over the years, but most importantly has learned that you have to work hard to get where you want to be, and nothing, that is great, is easy. 

"Food encompasses family, love, tradition and soul. One must bring those things into every dish they create" -J. Rendon

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